of the Human Rights Initiative “DELO LGBT+”

1. Basic principles of the DELO LGBT+ Human Rights Initiative

1.1. Human Rights Initiative “DELO LGBT+” (hereinafter referred to as the Organisation) is a voluntary association of lawyers and civil activists founded to protect the rights and interests of LGBT+, intersex, asexual, polyamorous people and other groups subjected to discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity (hereinafter - SOGI), the preferred format of relations and protecting the rights of persons persecuted for participating in public activities aimed at supporting the above groups (hereinafter referred to as the Community or LGBT +).

1.2. The organisation conducts its main activities in Russia. The initiative takes on those functions that cannot be carried out from abroad - for example, representation in courts and law enforcement agencies. The Organisation’s offices are located in Moscow, Russia.

1.3. Abbreviated names in Russian: Initiative group "Delo LGBT+", Initiative "Delo LGBT+", "Delo LGBT+", "Delo+". The full and abbreviated names of the Initiative in Russian are equally valid. Name of the Initiative in English: Russian Initiative group "The Delo LGBT+".

1.4. The Initiative provides free lawyer assistance in:
- protecting the rights of persons who have been victims of illegal actions related to motives of hatred towards LGBT+, discrimination on the basis of SOGI and the preferred format of relationships.
- protecting the rights of the LGBT activists and polyamorous movements and their public organisations, in matters related to their activities;
- the search for various ways to ensure: the security and support of the Community, securing the interests of the Community as rights protected by the state.

1.5. The lawyers of the organisation are sufficiently qualified to provide assistance in matters not related to human rights activities or not covered by the provisions of paragraph 1.6 and paragraph 2. Such assistance will be provided for a fee only, and only if it does not interfere with the implementation of the goals and objectives of the Initiative . Finances which received from such activities will be used to finance the goals and objectives of the Initiative.

1.6. The organisation reflects the interests of a specific social group, thus being a "one issue team", which predetermines the choice of allies and areas of cooperation.

1.7. The organisation does not deal with politics as such, but due to its expert capabilities, it is ready to provide justice opinions and lawyer expertise on the laws, actions of structures which endowed with power, and their representatives.

1.8. Lawyers and activists of the organisation understand that in modern Russia their activity is fraught with problems and risks, and participation in it requires a certain dedication and work on oneself. We think that each human determines what he is ready to do for the Community independently, while focusing on his abilities, reason and conscience. Thus, we do not call on anyone to make excessive sacrifices and affirm that any participation in our common cause is important and deserves gratitude and respect. We believe that love, struggle, solidarity and creativity are necessary for every person and allow him to achieve productivity and find meaning in life.

1.9. The security of our principals (beneficiaries) and their personal data is a priority for our organisation.
However, the organisation’s participants consider it appropriate to offer those who turn to us for help to highlight their case in a form acceptable to them, to share their experience in protecting their rights in front of the Community. We believe that it is a personal example, personal openness of each of us that can most effectively influence those around us. All phobias about LGBT+ people are precisely phobias, fears common in society, based on ignorance and stereotypes. It's easy to demonise and dehumanise someone you don't know. It is difficult or even almost impossible - someone you know personally.

Therefore, a personal story, a personal view of our principals on the violation of LGBT+ rights in Russia - it is this personal view that is the center of attraction for us in the search for clients and involving colleagues in a common cause.

1.10. In order to protect the interests and rights of the Community, the organisation uses all rights which granted to it by the current law. In its actions, the organisation definitely does not accept any form of physical violence.

1.11. The organisation operates on the basis of these Regulations and determines its structure independently.
The is organisation independent in its activities from government agencies, local governments, political parties and other public associations, and is not controlled by them. Personal data of principals (beneficiaries) cannot be disclosed without the appropriate consent. The organisation independently resolves issues of cooperation with Russian and foreign organisations and their associations.

1.12. The organisation has the right not to register, in which case it does not acquire the rights of a legal entity, but at the same time it can approve its own seal with its name, emblem, flag and other symbols, also, the Initiative has the right to conduct publishing activities, create resources on the Internet, use other media.

1.13. Solitary decision-making in the organisation is not welcome and can only be justified by the circumstances of the provision of justice assistance in a particular case. Financial and organisational issues are resolved in the organisation exclusively collegially. In matters of interaction with organisations, communication with the media, project coordination, etc. partners are guided by the principle of rotation of duties.

1.14. The organisation in its activities is not focused on grant (project) funding. Protecting the rights of every LGBT+ person is a common target of the Community, and therefore we rely mainly on contributions from partners and donations.

1.15. Partners can have any religious, philosophical and political views, however, a necessary condition for participation in the activities of the organisation for lawyers and LGBT activists is the recognition of the fundamental and paramount value of the human, human rights and tolerance, which we understand as an equally respectful attitude towards all people, regardless of their gender, age, gender identity, physical characteristics and mental disorders, as well as any worldview that is not directed against a person and his rights. No person who opposes equality or justifies such speeches can become an Partner.

2. Goals and objectives of the Human Rights Initiative “The DELO LGBT+”

2.1. The main targets of the organisation are:
● defending the interests of the Community;
● fixing all these interests as rights which protected by the state;
● combating discrimination based on SOGI and LGBT+ hate crimes and offenses;
● the Community and consolidating civil society in relation to LGBT+ issues.

2.2. In implementing the target of justice protection of LGBT people and activists of the LGBT movement in Russia our organisation sees the following areas:
2.2.1. Accompaniment and representation in courts and other government agencies on issues related with:
● "propaganda" of homosexuality and transgenderism;
● bullying and abuse due to being LGBT+;
● extortion due to being LGBT+;
● outing;
● hate-motivated violence against LGBT+ people, “caftishing”;
● administrative and criminal precedents with signs of arbitrariness or inaction of representatives of state agencies, including compensation for moral damage or taking into account the characteristics of LGBT people when adjudgment;
● blocking sites and social networks by the state;
● assistance in obtaining documents for trans* persons;
● securing the status of an asylum seeker, while looking for ways to legalise in another way or obtain refugee status in another country;
● assistance in case of involuntary hospitalisation in a psychiatric hospital or the threat of such hospitalisation, as well as obstruction of conversion therapy;
● domestic violence against LGBT people and family disputes;
● discrimination based on SOGI or LGBT activism, including in labour relations.
2.2.2. LGBT events justice accompaniment:
● representation in negotiations with law enforcement agencies;
● security and protection against provocations of homophobes;
● information monitoring resources hostile to LGBT+ people;
● organisation of security training;
● venues provisions for LGBT events.
2.2.3. Analyse and examination of law acts, preparation of proposals for the lawmaking agencies initiative, legal opinions.
2.2.4. Raising the level of legal awareness, including conducting trainings, seminars, courses, consultations and developing local regulations for LGBT organisations, publishing methodological recommendations.
2.2.5. Organisation of advocacy campaigns and application of the methodology of public investigation.

3. Structure of the Human Rights Initiative “DELO LGBT+”.

3.1. The structure of the organisation is made up of Meetings of Partners (hereinafter referred to as the Meeting), the Collegium of Senior Partners (hereinafter referred to as Senior Partners), and the Public Monitoring Commission (hereinafter PMC).

3.2. The Meeting of Partners (hereinafter referred to as the Meeting) is the main agency of the organisation, which can take into consideration and resolve any issues related to the activities of the Initiative, if this does not contradict these Regulations.
3.2.1. The meeting is authorized with the participation of 2/3 of the current partners. The use of telecommunications facilities during the Meetings is permitted.
3.2.2. Decisions at the Meeting are made by a simple majority of votes of the partners, unless this contradicts these Regulations.
3.2.3. Meetings are held at the request of one of the senior partners, at the request of 1/3 of the partners, by the decision of the majority of the PMC members at least once every two months.
3.2.4. Members of the PMC, the editor of the website of the organisation and the financial manager of the organisation with the right of an advisory vote are entitled to participate in the work of the Meetings.
3.2.5. Partners and members of the PMC are notified of the appointment of the Meeting in advance, no later than 3 days.

3.3. The Senior Partners are the collegiate body responsible for the operational management of the organisation, selected at the Meeting from among the Partners. Senior partners make decisions by majority vote. The Senior Partners are accountable to the Meeting and the PMC.

3.4. The PMC is an advisory, control and audit organisation which consisting of open and authoritative LGBT activists in the Community who are not partners of the organisation.
3.4.1. The PMC is formed from representatives of LGBT organisations sent to the PMC by the decision of the supreme bodies of the relevant LGBT organisations, taking into account the reasoned opinion of the Meeting.
3.4.2. Co-optation to the PMC is carried out by considering an application from an LGBT organisation during the meeting.
3.4.3. The decisions of the PMC are taken by a qualified majority of votes of its members.
3.4.4. The rotation of members of the PMC is carried out by decision of the supreme body of the relevant LGBT organisation.
3.4.5. Self-withdrawal of a member of the PMC shall not be voted.

4. Partners of the DELO LGBT+ Human Rights Initiative

4.1. On the basis of a personal application, a representative of one of the legal professions or a human rights activist with at least 6 months of experience working with LGBT+ people can become a partner of the organisation on the basis of a personal application.

4.2. Co-optation to partners is carried out by the decision of the Meeting, adopted by a qualified majority of votes.

4.3. The partner has the right:
● express their own dissenting opinion, fixed by a message in correspondence or a protocol record;
● act independently on their own behalf (including speaking publicly orally or in writing);
● indicate their affiliation with the organisation and their status in it;
● receive information from the organisation (information cannot contradict reality);
● Freely terminate participation in the organisation.

4.4. The partner is obliged:
● Do not speak on behalf of the organisation and the Meeting, unless he is authorised to do so by this regulation or the decision of the Meeting;
● Comply with these Regulations; not interfere with the implementation of the decisions of the departments of the organisation, even if he does not agree with them;
● Do not disclose personal data of principals (beneficiaries) and partners of the organisation without their consent;
● Upon voluntary suspension of membership in the Initiative, notify the Meeting in writing;
● Always be guided by professional ethics and the interests of the principal (beneficiary) in the implementation of justice protection.

5. Final Provisions
5.1. The decision to exclude one of the partners from the organisation, liquidate the organisation or change sections 1, 3, 5 of these Regulations can only be made with the separate approval of a qualified majority of the partners and a qualified majority of the members of the PMC.

Approved by the Meeting of Partners of the DELO LGBT+ Human Rights Initiative dated 05/16/2022